about us

Are you sick and tired of being given the run around and not sure what to believe when it comes to Solar?

Being promised one thing but what you end up with is completely different? Who to trust and who not to trust? 

Start off with a price only to find you're getting slapped with all the "extras"?

Morphett Air is a family owned and operated business with over 45 years experience in the air conditioning industry and more recently in Solar.


​Solar seemed to make sense to us and a compliment to an already energy efficient air conditioning system.


We have always been of the opinion that if you offer solid, honest and unbiased advice, the work will come back to you ten fold in terms of referrals. 

 If you’re offering honest and the right advice the first time round, you have nothing to hide and you can have confidence in the advice your offering because you have the proof to back it up!

So lets end the confusion and set you on the right path for making informed choices, and you can be sure you’ve landed in the right place.


As we've done for decades in air conditioning, we have carefully selected only quality Fronius Inverters, Trina Honey panels using Clenergy framing systems.  With some of the best Warranties in the business our fully qualified, certified and professional team will install your Solar they it should be done!


Morphett Air Conditioning Adelaide is a Multi-Award Winning, family owned and operated air conditioning business that has been providing air conditioning to Adelaide South Australia since 1973, so unlike many of the Solar businesses who were only in it to make a quick buck, we intend on being her for decades to come :)

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