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Frequently asked questions

What are STC's?

STC's (or Small-scale technology certificate) are government incentives that reduces the upfront cost of the installation of your new Solar system. The amount and value of STC's you are entitled to will depend on the size of your system, your location as well as the price for each STC's at the time of acceptance. To be eligible for STC's, your new Solar system must be installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer.

How much will Solar cost to install?

You will have seen that over recent years the cost of new Solar installation has decreased and right now is a great time to consider it. As an indicative guide and depending on the size of your system, the pricing can range from 2kW $2,700 - 10kW $11,000 for businesses the capacites and pricing can be even broader (eg 10kW $15,000 - 100kW $200,000) That said, your installation cost can vary dramatically based on a number of factors including the following: *The quality of the panels, inverters and framing (make sure your homework is extensive) *The brand and number of panels you have installed (also 250W versus 275W) *The brand and size of the inverter (this is the box on the side of the home) and its job is to convert the electrical output of your panels into AC electricity which is the type of electricity that is used in your home or business *The installing contractors costs to install the system *The complexity of the installation (ie single or two storey home, tiles or iron etc) *The quality and brand of framing used (this is what the panels are fixed to on your roof)

What is a 'feed in tarriff' (FiT)?

Simply, when your Solar system produces electricity, any excess power not used by your home or business, goes back into the grid. The feed in tarriff is the amount of cents your electricity retailer will pay you for each left over kilowatt (kW) hour of power that goes back into the grid.

How much can I expect to save on my electricity bill with my Solar?

There is no difinitive answer to this question and will depend on the following factors: * Your location - the amount of STC's you are eligible for and depending on the amount of sun where you live * Your feed in tarriff - so the amount of money your retailer is prepared to pay you for the amount of excess electricity per kW hour you put back into the grid * The size of your system - in some instances, your budget may dictate the size of the system you can comfortably afford to install. The bigger the system, the more electricity your panels will generate * Your electricty usage and consumption - three items that consume the most electricity in an average home are Air Conditioning (to reduce ducted aircon running costs visit here), your swimming pool pump (have you considered Solar Pool pumps? Go here) and your Hot Water Service. The amount of usage of these and their efficiency levels amongst other household items will impact the amount you will save. Speak to one of our staff to discuss your personal usage.

Will my Solar Panels work during cloudy days or at night?

When the sun sets for the day, you will be drawing electricity from the grid as you would normally. It is still possible for your Solar Panels to generate electricity on overcast or cloudy days however it will not generate as much as if it would on a clear sunny day.

Are Morphett Air's Solar installers fully accredited?

Absolutely. Our team has a ton of installing experience, are fully qualified and accredited, professional and just all round great guys :)

What do I do if my Solar stops working?

Just give our office a call! Unlike many who have come and gone in the Solar industry over recent years, you have complete peace of mind that we'll still be here when you need us. Morphett Air has been around since 1975 and we're not planning on going anywhere! :) Here's our Contact details: phone: 08 8277 0511 address: 602 Marion Rd, Park Holme, SA 5043 email: sales@morphettair.com.au

Why choose Morphett Air & Solar?

We don't want to boast or anything ;) but here are a few reasons why: * We're not a "fly by night" business, which sadly the Solar industry has many. We're a family owned and operated business that has been here since 1975! * We only use fully accredited and qualified, professional installers * We insist on using only quality panels, inverters and are not interested in cheap imports! * Being an established business who have been here as long as we have, you have complete peace of mind that if you ever need us for warranty or general information, we're here for you. * Don't forget to check out what some of our clients have said about us as well! Click here