Forget cheap import Panels and Inverters, and definitely forget "Cowboy" installers!  Here at Morphett Air & Solar, you can be sure that we are not interested in any of that stuff.  It only creates issues for you and long term headaches for us!  Morphett Air & Solar insists on using only quality Zever and Fronius Inverters, combined with Trina Honey Panels with Clenergy Racking systems.  Our friendly, professional staff and fully qualified and experienced installers will guide you through the process from start to finish ensuring you complete piece of mind.

Solar Pool Pumps

Loving your swimming pool during our hot Adelaide Summers?  In the back of your mind though, you can't help but think about the sky rocketing cost of electricity and gasp when you copy your next bill?

Imagine for a second that you no longer had to worry about the cost of running your pool pump.

That's right!  The cost of running your pool pump during the day is completely taken care of by the sun shining!

Air Conditioning
Installation and Service

Looking for a reliable, professional Air Conditioning Installation and Service company who takes pride in their work, uses only quality equipment with fully qualified with extensive installation and diagnostic abilities?  Look no further!  Check out our testimonials to see what other clients have said and contact one of our friendly staff today!