Solar Pool Pumps

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Aside from Air Conditioning, Swimming pool pumps are the second biggest energy consumer in most Aussie homes (your hot water service is generally third in line).  The Lorentz PS2 solar pool pump will maintain a crystal clear swimming pool, minus the electricity costs!

In most cases, we tend to use the pool pump when the sun is shining so it makes sense to have the sun paying for the costs to run the pump.  Whilst the pump is running, your swimming pool becomes crystal clear because the sun is shining, the pump is circulating more water through the filter.

Lorentz PS2 Pool Pumps are superior quality and are designed for both residential and commercial pool and spa usage.

In most residential pools, all the filtration requirements can be achieved directly from the solar power during the day, meaning no electricity costs.  For commercial pools however, grid switch-over or hybrid options can be implemented.


Are they noisy?  These pumps use a DC brushless motor, meaning they are extremely quiet, as well as being very efficient and reliable.

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