At Morphett Air we understand that it’s nice to get the feels when you get that VIP treatment.


So, we’ve set up our own VIP membership and would like to extend to you a formal invitation!


* You’ll get discounted Service pricing.  We recommend regular preventative maintenance servicing.  Preventative maintenance is so underrated in this industry and can be the difference between your system working when you need it, or not.  Like your motor vehicle, you must have your system serviced based on time and or amount of use.

Residential Systems: Annually

Commercial Systems: Bi-Annual for major servicing (filter cleaning to be confirmed upon site inspection).

* You’ll get discounted repairs pricing.  At times, repairs and replacement parts are an unfortunate necessity.  During those times, not only will we push you to the front of the queue, we’ll give you a VIP discount on the price of the repairs to get you back up and running as soon as possible.


* You’ll get discounted New and Replacement Installations. When you’re looking for a new system or when it’s time to replace your existing system, we’ll give you the right professional, unbiased advice to suit your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

(1) Nominated friend or family member included in VIP.  When you take up your VIP membership, simply nominate your 1 x friend or family member and they will receive instant membership with all the same benefits that you are receiving, with no joining fee.


(2) Priority Service.  That means when you need us the most, we’ll drop everything and get to you pronto!  You know that during peak seasons there’s more than likely going to be a wait for service and days can turn into weeks in a minute.

As a VIP you will be pushed straight to the front of the queue. We commit to being at your door within 24hrs.

(3) Referral Incentive Reward.  If you are enjoying working with us and refer a friend, family member or colleague to us for their new air conditioning installation, if they choose to proceed, we'll send you a $50 gift card to show our appreciation! (Limited to 1 x gift card per referral and acceptance.)

(4) Free upgrade to DNA disposable Filters on new installs.  DNA disposable filters not only collect the dust but also benefit the end user by capturing pet dander, dust and dust mite debris, pollens, virus carriers, moulds and bacterias. (Limited to a maximum of up to 2 x filters per membership)

(5) Free upgrade to Premium Aluminium Vents on New Ducted installs. We'll upgrade you from traditional plastic supply air vents to a Premium Aluminium Powder Coated supply vent.  They stay whiter, longer than plastic vents.

(6) Replacement DNA Filters on each service or replacement filter media on washable filters. As a VIP on each service as part of your membership, we will provide you with replacement DNA disposable filters or if you have the traditional filter media, we'll repack with fresh new filter media (max. of 2 x filters per service per member).

Ready to become a Morphett Air VIP Member?

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